Who Am I?

I’ve always had a passion for starting things, exploring new ideas and just keeping my eyes open on the next big thing.

Currently, launching & leading the growth marketing team for OYO’s business portfolio in Malaysia– both on the demand as well as supply side and extending it to other Southeast Asia markets.

OYO is South Asia’s largest hotel chain with presence across 400+ cities and currently operating 10,000+ hotels in Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, England, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Nepal. Here’s an intro deck

Previously,  involved in bringing up a Global Dock-less Bicycle Sharing company called oBike in Malaysia and extend it to 10 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Our aim is to aim to change the way we travel,  to create a car-lite society, encourage a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle and enhance the community we live in.

Created a social community movement called DrinkEntrepreneurs in Kota Kinabalu where the aim of it is to grow a community of passionate like-minded people through fostering entrepreneurship & building lasting friendship to the people of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (We are in Borneo) .

This page to document my journey into being an Entrepreneur, Adventurer & Entertainer.

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