Who Am I?

I’ve always had a passion for starting things, building businesses, exploring new ideas and just keeping my mind open on the next big thing; Searching for Problems to solve.

Building Social Platforms with BIGO – Creating “Meaningful” Connections & Connecting the World through Tech

Built Tiki – a “Make in India” for India new & exciting short video platform with its key differentiation & value proposition for the community. A real platform for the creator economy.

Launched the OYO Malaysia business & was leading the Growth Marketing & Partnership team to drive OYO’s business portfolio growth – both on the demand(revenue/sales) as well as supply-side and extending it to other Southeast Asia (SEA) markets. Here’s an intro deck

Previously,  involved in bringing up a Global Dock-less Bicycle Sharing company called oBike in Malaysia and extend it to 10 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Our aim is to change the way we travel,  to create a car-lite society, encourage a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle and enhance the community we live in.

Created a social community movement called DrinkEntrepreneurs in Kota Kinabalu where the aim of it is to grow a community of passionate like-minded people through fostering entrepreneurship & building lasting friendship to the people of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (We are in Borneo) .

This page to document my journey into being an Entrepreneur, Adventurer & Entertainer.

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