A big thank you to everyone that came last night to our 11th Drink Entrepreneurs Gathering.

For those that are curious to what we are about;

Drink Entrepreneurs is a laid back get together of like minded passionate people over drinks. With the aim to Foster Entrepreneurship & Build Life-long friendship. And to grow a community of entrepreneurs in Kota Kinabalu!

A lot of people asked, what is our definition of an entrepreneur?

For us,

An entrepreneur is a problem solver & innovator. They find a problem and develop an innovative approach to solve it by creating a venture out of it.

Two important traits we look for in entrepreneurs are PASSION and VALUE.

We look for people with passion. For e.g. You can be a banker in the day, that is your work, but you could have a passion in creating things that brings value. Passion in baking, passion in boardgames, passion in arts, passion in design, and the list goes on. That is how we pursue our value from there.

Why value? Because value is something providing something good to society. Value through our expertise, skills, & actions we are able to provide a value exchange in the community. One thing great about value is that you can learn and grow this overtime but you still need Passion to drive it.

We keep Drink Entrepreneurs as an open platform and informal because we want people to create networks NOT base on what you work as but what you stand for.

What you stand for is your passion or drive that motivates you in living on this earth.

We believe that we are place on earth and we are all here for a reason

Imagine if we can have a community that collaboratively can create something greater than ourself!

So we end by saying “Find your Passion and Value”. At the end, rather than being a person of success, it’s more important to be a person of value.

Passion drives Value.