Who doesn’t love Free Stuff? Here is list of free resources from

  • Photography?
  • Illustration✎
  • Vector Graphics✄
  • Videos ?
  • Patterns♒
  • Fonts ⌨
  • Icons?
  • Colors?
  • Aggregated Content ?
  • HTML Templates ?
  • Sounds & Music ?

Photography ?


All the resources below have specifically specified that their content is ©️ CC0-licensed.

  • ABSFreePic – A high-resolution and absolutely free photos stock site.
  • Barn Images – Barn Images offers you a collection of free high-resolution non-stock photography.
  • Boss Fight! – 10–20 new images added daily.
  • CC0 Photo – CC0.photo is a project initiated by Raffael Herrmann, which serves you with free photos.
  • Creative Vix – A wide range of photos for you to use.
  • Crow the Stone – Free photos to use any way you want.
  • Cupcake – Free do what ever you want photos by Jonas Nilsson Lee.
  • Epicantus – Hi-resolution photos added every week.
  • Fancy Crave – Two new images added every day.
  • FindA.Photo – search through thousands of CC0 photos by keyword and color.
  • Free Nature Stock – Royalty-free, use them however you want, Nature Stock Photos.
  • Free-Images.cc – Create something awesome with free CC0 images.
  • Freely Photos – Totally free high quality Christian stock photography.
  • Furious Camera – Free Life Hi-Fi Photos for use on your personal and commercial projects. New photo every day.
  • Gratisography – Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. New pictures added weekly.
  • Jay Mantri – Free pics. Do anything. Make magic.
  • Jéshoots – Photos for business or personal use in high resolution for free.
  • LibreShot – A collection of hundreds of high quality free stock images for personal or commercial use.
  • Life of Pix – Free high-resolution photos, no copyright restrictions. Photographs added weekly.
  • Little Visuals – Hi-res images zipped up in your inbox. Use them anyway you want.
  • Lock & Stock Photos – Free stock photos for you.
  • Magdeleine – A selection of free photos curated by Magdeleine.
  • Minimography – Royalty-Free Minimalist Photos.
  • MMT – New photos by Jeffrey Betts added every week.
  • Moveast – This is a journey of a Portuguese guy moving.
  • Negative Space – Stock photos added every week.
  • Pexels – 20 new high-quality photos daily.
  • Photo Collections – Free stock photography of architecture, nature and people.
  • Photo Crops – Five high resolution photos added every week, sometimes more.
  • Pickle Jar – High-resolution images of everyday india. One new image every day.
  • Pickupimage – Free download high quality premium free stock images, public domain photos.
  • Pixabay – Stock photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.
  • Realgraphy – Authentic Non-Stock Photos for Free. Forever.
  • Realistic Shots – 7 new photos added every week.
  • Skitter Photo – Public domain pictures and stock photos for commercial use.
  • Skuawk – Skuawk public domain photos, free, beautiful and artistically loud.
  • Snappy Goat – Over 12 million public domain & CC0 licensed images.
  • Snapwire Snaps – Commissioned photos from 170,000 of the world’s most talented photographers.
  • SpaceX Photos – Promotional SpaceX stock photography.
  • Splashbase – Search & discover free, hi res photos & videos.
  • Stock Image Point – Free stock photos. 20 pictures added every month.
  • Stockified – Free pictures taken in India by Kiran BV and Aditya G Bharadwaj.
  • Stocksnap – Hundreds of high resolution images added weekly.
  • Stokpic – Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use.
  • Streetwill – Free hi-res vintage photos to use any way you want.
  • The Pic Pac – New pacs on Monday, free pics Tuesday – Sunday.
  • Travel Coffee Book – Travel photography.
  • Unsplash – User submitted, free high-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days.
  • PikWizard – Over 100,000 completely free images on the site, over 20,000 of those are exclusive from them.

Custom License / Usage

These following photography resources are those who have declared their own usage and restriction terms. These can be found by clicking the (license) link next to the resource.

Public Domain

A collection of links to public domain photography resources.

Attribution Required licenses

The photographs on the following resources require Attribution unless otherwise stated on the website itself. These use a mixture of license, all of which have been linked to next to them.

Unspecified License

These resources haven’t specified any formal terms of use or licenses.

Illustration ✎

A collection of illustration resources which contain a mixture of historical archive, contemporary and public domain assets.

Vector Graphics ✄

A collection of resources which contain stock graphical elements which don’t fit in the other sections.

  • AMCharts – Free SVG Maps©️ A directory of free non-commercial, attribution licensed SVG maps in two level of details: High and low.
  • Facebook Design Resource©️ A collection for design resources from Facebook including iOS9 GUI and various popular device templates.
  • Freepik©️ Find free vectors, PSD, icons and photos.
  • FreeVectors.net©️ A fun little community of vector lovers who share free vector graphics.
  • Logo Dust©️ Free CC Attribution 4.0 logo designs for your projects.
  • Pixaroma©️ original logos, icons, characters, illustrations and mobile game designs.
  • Sketch Repo:copyright Sketch Repo is a great place to discover Sketch App resources for your next design project.
  • Vecteezy©️ Discover & download free vector art from a community of Illustrators.

Videos ?

A selection of websites offering high quality video stock.

  • Coverr©️ Beautiful, free, CC0 licensed videos for your homepage. 7 new videos every Monday.
  • Distill – Curated HD Video Free For Your Personal and Commercial Use. 10 free HD videos every 10 days.
  • Life of Vids©️ Free royalty-free videos, clips & loops.
  • Mazwai – Great collection of free creative commons HD video clips & footages. Check each video for licensing terms.
  • Pexels Videos©️ Completely free, CC0 licensed stock videos.
  • Pond5 – Download thousands of historic media files (videos, audio, images and 3d models) for your creative projects. completely free.
  • Videezy©️ Free stock videos, 4k footage, and free HD video clips.
  • Vidsplay©️ Free HD stock footage (Attribution required).

Patterns ♒

A mixture of CSS and image based pattern resources.

Fonts ⌨

A mixture of free and open source font resources.

Icons ?

Icon Fonts

A collection for icon font resources, most of which also include SVGs, which can be used in your interface and website designs.

Icons Packages and Collections

A collection for SVG icon resources which can be used in your interface and website designs.

Colors ?

A selection of websites offering color schemes.

  • 0to255 – A simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color.
  • 0xrgb – A minimalistic color picker for well-known palettes (Material, iOS, FlatUI, Metro, Tango, Solarized).
  • Bootflat – Bootflat Flat UI color picker is a project digging the Flat Color Picker which gives you the perfect colors for flat designs.
  • Brand Colors – Official color codes for the world’s biggest brands.
  • Coleure – Simple app for grabbing & tweaking colors you see on screen.
  • Color Hunt – A place to discover, create, and share color palettes.
  • Colorful Gradients – Gradients automatically created by a computer. 48 times daily.
  • Colour Lovers – A creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns.
  • Coolors – The super fast color schemes generator for cool designers.
  • Flat UI Colors – Flat color picker which gives you the perfect colors for flat designs.
  • LOLColors – A nice curated color palette inspiration resource.
  • Material Design Colors – Material ui color palette for Android, Web & iOS.
  • Material Palette – Generate & export your Material Design color palette.

Aggregated Content ?

A liberal mixture of content aggregated from other free resources and made available at one central point.

  • All The Free Stock – One stop resource for free stock images, videos, sounds and more.
  • Avopix – More than 15 000 absolutely free stock photos and vectors.
  • Libre Stock – Search engine for stock photo websites.
  • Stock Up – Searching 9,301 (and counting) free stock photos across 25 websites.
  • The Stocks – The best royalty free stock photos in one place.

HTML Templates ?

Various different websites offering free HTML templates and themes.

  • Bootswatch©️ Free themes for Bootstrap.
  • HTML5 Up©️ HTML5 UP makes spiffy HTML5 site templates.
  • Templated©️ A collection of 850 free CSS and HTML5 site templates, designed & built by Cherry + AJ and released under the Creative Commons.
  • Themezy©️ Free WordPress themes and website templates.

Sounds & Music ?

Free resources for stock sound and music to be used on creative projects

  • Bensound©️ Royalty free music by Bensound.
  • ccMixter©️ ccMixter.org offers over 30,000 original tracks that can be used freely in YouTube videos, remixes, mobile apps, games, and more.
  • Free Loops©️ Free loops and audio clip.
  • Free Music Archive©️ An interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America.
  • Freesound©️ Collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings and bleeps.
  • Internet Archive’s Netlabels Collection©️ Netlabels collection hosts complete, freely downloadable/streamable.
  • Jamendo©️ Independent music community with a large collect of creative commons licensed music.
  • Jukedeck©️ Machine learning powered royalty-free original music.
  • Our Music Box©️ free royalty free music by Jay Man.
  • Sound Image©️ Over 1000 tracks of free music and sound effects for your projects by Eric Matyas.
  • SoundBible©️ Thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds.

Source from: Github